Tomorrow-Speaking/Signing at SXSWi

Tomorrow is my big day at SXSWi!  I’m speaking on the topic of “Selling Subculture Without Selling Out” with supergeniuses Gala Darling, Jeff Newelt, Raymond Roker and Richard Nash

Sunday, March 14, 2010
12:30pm – 1:30pm
At the Hilton C

Can corporations and subcultures coexist peacefully and productively?

The online audience is increasingly fractured into passionate niches. Companies seek to infiltrate subcultures, and alt.tastemakers covet financial backing. But interactions between ”the underground” and ”The Man” have been marked with more distrust than respect. This panel will teach marketers have to work with subcultural tastemakers, and indie cool kids how to make money without selling out.


Then, at 5:20, I’m signing Scarlett Takes Manhattan!

As you may have heard, Barnes and Noble refused to stock Scarlett Takes Manhattan in the SXSWi pop up store, claiming it was “too pornographic.”  The Gloss has a brief interview about it here. However, I am still signing.  I will actually be sitting in the Barnes and Noble store, but you’ll have to pay me directly, lest the Barnes and Noble credit card machines are befouled by Scarlett’s filthy filthy lucre.

So, stop by the  SXSWi Barnes and Noble (4th floor of the convention center) and pick up your copy!

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