Press: Comic Book Resources

Did a fairly extensive interview with Tim O’Shea over at Comic Book Resources.  Dude asks insightful questions…

O’Shea: When you’re steampunking history as you are with this story, is there still an amount of research to be done on the front end? Do you or collaborator John Leavitt do the bulk of the research (or is the load shared)?

Crabapple: When you steampunk up a time period, you actually need to know more about it than if you were doing straight historical drama, because you have to know their design grammer and societal norms well enough to imagine how anachronistic tech would change them.

One Response to Press: Comic Book Resources

  1. Diane Nelson Potter says:

    CBR sucks. Those idiots have heavilly biased Marvel/DC coverage which makes sense given the industry composition.

    But they could easily cover more independents if they wanted to.

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