DIY Handpainted Sneakers

I spent today making sad and happy ladies on this pair of Etnies sneakers for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Party tomorrow. While I’m unsure about the durability of these babies, handpainted sneakers are pretty easy to DIY.

You need
*white leather sneakers
*acrylic paint in your desired colours
*a superfine sharpie
*(optional) a hot glue gun and some red velvet

For this pair, I painted a base coat of yellow on the fronts, red on the top part, and blue in the middle.  It might take two coats to get this even.  Then, I drew the basic shapes of the girl (red for the hair, beige for the skin), and the white for the bubbles.  Once this had dried, I went in with a find brush and added some highlights to the hair.  Finally, I grabbed my uber-fine sharpies and made all the swirly outlines and curlicues I so adore.  The velvet tongues are just scrap fabric and the hot glue gun.

Painted your sneakers?  Post them in the comments.

2 Responses to DIY Handpainted Sneakers

  1. Sarah says:

    I thought you mean actual cats then, I’d totally wear those. Very tempted now….

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