This Grand Artistic Family

On Saturday, I took part in one of the most beautiful parties I ever attended- the sort of party that makes you happy to be young, alive, in New York and part of this blessed art family.  Cynthia von Buhler took over a giant penthouse next to the Empire State Building for her birthday.  And she filled it.

Cotton candy. Striped beds.  Art.  Mermaids.  Jason Webley rocking it troubedour style.  Amanda Palmer watched by oil slicked mermaids.  Sxip Shirey.  Body part vending machines.  I met Lemmony Snicket!

Me and Cynthia collaborated on an in an installation of dead mermaids, with Cynthia as the live one in the tub.

Katelan Foisy read tarot cards.  Neil Gaiman and Amanda toasted their impending marriage with chamapagne. The night faded out as me and Katelan whirled on a rooftop carosel, the lights of the Empire State Building shining through a haze of bubbles.

Feel so very lucky.

Photos by Kyle Cassidy

3 Responses to This Grand Artistic Family

  1. jojo says:

    molly! so glad to have met you on the SS (SSS?) syphilis. (drunken conversation at the end of the night for the win?)

    you looked rhinestonedly radiant, and i feel very blessed to have had kyle take my pic, and for you to have included it here. i don’t know if you caught much of the army of toys set, but we’ll be back in NY on 10/13, and us tiny instruments (the bandlette spin-off) sho’ enjoyed ourselves too. ok very best wishes, jojo

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