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Comic Con is over, for me at least.  What a whirl of parties (MTV!  Amanda Palmer’s Party on the Internet!  DC Comics!  The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!  Yosi Sergant’s Re:Form School!  All in three days!)  Yesterday, I had the somewhat surreal experience of donning a blazer, with uber-smart Pablo Defendini and Daniel Burwen, talking about arty/techy doom/possibility to an audience including five of my former teachers.

In the meantime, I got two sweet articles on me

CBS New York: NYC Style: CBS interviewed me on pretty clothes.  Make sure to scroll down for the hilarious comments

OC Weekly: Breaking Into the Boys Club:

In a comic landscape dominated by superhero and action-adventure books, Scarlett is a welcome respite. As is Crabapple’s humor and artistry.

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  1. Bef with an F says:

    So I guess what everybody really wants to know is, would you assist in fending off the Nazi Zombie apocalypse?

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