Painting The Box in London

In November 2010, me and Melissa Dowell spent 14 hours a day balancing on chairs in the freezing cold to paint, gild, and dream up 90 feet of murals for The Box’s new London branch.

It was the project of my life. I’ve always dreamed of combining my work with theatre and taking over a nightclub, Toulouse Lautrec style. This was it.

The concept was to make the Box London look like it was ancient, so after painting the murals, we aged them with graffiti, sandpaper, and splattered burnt sepia paint.

The project was artistic martyrdom. In ten days, we painted a giant staircase, the foyer, VIP room murals, and did tiny enamel siamese twins on the tiles.

For the foyer, we painted directly on raw linen, painstakingly scrubbing the colour in, inch by inch.

By the time we got to the VIP room murals, me and the paint were in a death battle. Only one of us would remain alive.

Fueled by champagne, Gogol Bordello and potato chips, we worked till 4am, before crashing each night at the Groucho Club.

Here’s what we made. Thank you so much to the Box. You’re my favorite client

More, (sometimes NSFW) photos after the jump

8 Responses to Painting The Box in London

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  2. Kambriel says:

    The tufted hot air balloon skirt gal is charming! What a gloriously grand scale to bring your work to life upon… There will doubtless be many memories made within that walls of the universe you created there.

  3. Molly says:

    This looks amazing!! Congratulations on accomplishing your dream project. You and The Box seem like a match made in heaven. The red-light district of heaven, that is.

  4. Mab Mirabel says:

    I am so impressed! I can’t believe you did all that in TEN DAYS. You must’ve been working more than 14 hours a day; I’ve painted several murals and they take

    Beautiful, beautiful work.

  5. Brittanny says:

    You guys worked it out. I couldn’t imaging taking photos for 14 hours a day so painting 14 hours a day is a testament to your work ethic and drive. The place looks absolutely amazing.

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