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Thank You For Funding Week in Hell

Molly Crabapple’s Week in Hell closed with over $25,000 (almost 6 times what I initially asked for.) Thank you so much, comrades! We’ve booked our secret location from September 3-8. Here’s some press in La Stampa and Mashable

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Sketch of Aaron Peters

Jet Pens sent me a pack of new ink toys- nibs, brush pens, little niggly things that I can cross-hatch to death with. Tested out a few on this sketch of Aaron Peters of UK Uncut (a movement of young … Continue reading

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Comrades, Wired just wrote a really sweet piece about Molly Crabapple’s Week in Hell: “Crabapple describes Kickstarter as a modern day alternative to a broken, elitist, jargon-heavy unapproachable grant system that it doesn’t take advantage of the internet. This is her … Continue reading

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Eff Poster

Click to blow up Poster I designed for the Electronic Freedom Frontier to help explain the Tor Project (ie what single handedly kept the internet running during the Egyptian revolution.) If you set up 5 or more Tor rallys, the … Continue reading

PmC Magazine

Molly Crabapple lives in Paris in the 1890s. At least that is where I was transported when I entered her pre-War full–floor loft in the Financial District. “The Hot Half Dozen”- PmC Magazine (shot at my place)

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Thrillist honors Stoli Originals

her hyper-detailed, whimsically twisted art continues to evolve across mediums Thrillist and Stoli gave me a nice little writup, saying I was “unique” which is certainly a polite way to put it.

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