TODAY: Free Sketches @ Occupy Wall Street


SURPRISE: Free Vampire Squid Sketches @ Occupy Wall Street!

Dear comrades, today I’ll be doing FREE sketches at Liberty Park in support of Occupy Wall Street. Come by and get your signed drawing of a top-hatted cephalopod representing the banking class.

TODAY, Sunday, October 2nd
5-7pm (or until supplies run out)
Liberty Park (Broadway and Liberty.  Map here), NYC
near the Library (if you haven’t been to the park yet, its on the northeast corner)

Please bring blankets, food, tarps, or other donations for the brave folks occupying the park.  You can see what’s needed HERE

Please repost/RT.  Can’t wait to see you guys

If you’re not in NYC, you can find out about an occupation in your city at Occupy Together or Donate to Occupy Wall Streete

3 Responses to TODAY: Free Sketches @ Occupy Wall Street

  1. Joseph Breckenridge says:

    Ms. Crabapple,

    Your offer of free squid sketches (wish I had been there I would have come by for one) made USA Today but the reporter didn’t know what to make of it.

    The story described various signs on display…

    “Drone Attacks Foment Terrorism” (an apparent reference to the death of al-Qaeda leader Anwar al-Awlaki), “Obama: Stop Funding Israeli Occupation” (supporting a Palestinian state) and “Free Squid Sketches” (unclear).

    Love the design of your website. Great stuff.


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