That French Comics Documentary

Sex in the Comics, a French documentary on erotic comics, directed by Joelle Ooserlinck, with interviews with R. Crumb, Zep, Milo Manara and others, hosted by a (dubbed, mini-skirted) me. Broadcast January 28th, 8pm, on ARTE

5 Responses to That French Comics Documentary

  1. Chris says:

    Enjoyed it very, very much – most notably your bewitching presentation was a pleasure. Also, it’s always fun to see Robert Crumb, isn’t it.

  2. Baudouin says:

    I just watch this documentary I recorded few weeks ago. It was nice, it showed all the possibilites that can offer a comix, and its exciting power much better than all other kind of pornographies. But I think the better is to draw it, I can’t explain why but it’s very “fantasmatic”.

    You were a great guide to this kind of documentary and that permits me to discover you work that I’m currently watching it. Your victorian work make me think about victorian work made by Odd Serriere (a french comics author). I like this universe. :)

    And if you like the absynth I recommand you the one made at Pontarlier that was recognize as the capitale of the absynth during the great age of this drink. They are proud about it here ;)

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