Maker Faire Poster

My poster for Maker Faire.  Many things hidden within
My poster for the World Maker Faire 2012.  Maker Faire had gorgeous prints made of these on watercolour paper, and I spent yesterday evening signing 500 of them at the New York Hall of Science.  I loved the challenge of incorporating all the mayhem of Maker Faire- power wheels racing and lock picking and cupcake cars- into one image.  You can get tickets for today and tomorrow HERE.
Signing Maker Faire posters for makers (Taken with Instagram)


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  1. I found you through BrainPickings, RSA Shorts and your illustration of Susan Cain’s Quiet. I have to love your work because I love ink–but your name! There’s Glasworthy novel with a minor character named Patience Crabstick-I have loved that name for forever, and your reminded me of the wonderful power of names… you’ve inspired me to get my ink work out there!

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