All The Things in 2013

I turned 30 in 2013. Here’s a picture from that night

2013 was hard and fucked and fraught for personal reasons, and so I worked. Every year seems like one where you work to sublimate the noise in your head, but this one more than others.

perfer et obdura, 2013. Perfer et obdura

Here are things that I did, but really, what made it what it was were those 4ams with whiskey and those who loved me.

Friends are always where one is most lucky, and art is the excrement of action.

Here are things I made

+ Had my first real gallery show, Shell Game. Did 9 gigantic paintings on the revolutions of 2011. Had everyone I loved there for the opening and bathed in a bathtub of money like a louche horror while Kim Boekbinder sang me songs. No New York gallery has ever wanted to give me a show or had any faith in me. But you guys did. Thank you. Here’s the whole show released Creative Commons

+ I’m working on a book called Drawing Blood for Harper Collins. 13.7k brutal deathslog words in

+ I only started writing last October, cause I wanted to scream about my arrest. In the last year I’ve published 24 essays, on topics from abortion to Banksy, money to Frida.

+ Visited Guantanamo Bay twice, and wrote about the prison lots, angering the Department of Defense and getting shortlisted for the Frontline Award for Print Journalism.  Banned from drawing guards’ faces, I replaced them with smilies.

 +After eight years of illegal flashmobs and lavish art parties, every other weekend, we closed Dr. Sketchy’s in New York. It lives on in 140 other cities, from Cape Town to Paris, Lima to Shanghai. For our very last night, Jo Boobs dressed as death, but sparkly


+ interviewed snipers and refugees for the New York Times

+ Learned I had a 3,000 page FBI file. The FBI still has not told me what is in it

 +Made as many free political posters as I could

 + Spoke at lots of places, including the London School of Economics and Harvard

 + the Museum of Modern Art bought one of my prints, as part of an Occupy collection. It feels sort of like a butterfly pinned to the wall, but never expected to be in MoMA.

 + Illustrated The Divide, for Matt Taibbi, one of my favorite journalists

 + Did the artwork for Patton Oswalt’s latest CD 

+ Interviewed Warren Ellis for The Paris Review, thus rendering the whole joint terribly low-class on both of our accounts

 + Travelled to London (x3), Mexico City, Guantanamo Bay (x2), Havana, Beirut, Portland, Boston, Los Angeles, New Orleans. Danced in the rain while a jazz band played on Frenchman, in the red light of Radio Beirut, walked with a thousand jeweled skeletons and bribed a band to play La Bruja over and over and over in Zona Rosa.

 + Was on the teevee a bit

 + Creative Time and Rhizome commissioned me to do Glass Gaze, where I streamed drawing Stoya directly through my eyes. Had the added benefit of letting me see much-missed Stoya’s face

 gifs by Brainwomb

4 Responses to All The Things in 2013

  1. ♪ Kompani ♪ (@kompani101) says:

    Your activities have helped me through a very difficult year so a huge thanks is owed by me to you. Lets hope 2014 will be a much happier and less stressful year. I hope your creativity continues and that you share it with the ‘interwebs’. From a cold UK but a warm heart, wishing you the best New Year.

  2. Bret Burnett says:

    you represent the part of America that earned the very special words “Land of the Free…Home of the Brave. You are very Brave! I resent that “Land of the Free…Home of the Brave” has been methodically replaced with “Land of the Safe…Home of the Scared”!!!

    Our country stands divided (divided and conquered) — Now we are being ruled by fear and have been hypnotized by the corporate owned media who have convinced us Americans to vote against our own good, have taught us that we’re happy for losing and then…sadly, we actually think that we’ve won?

    We the people living now owe so much more to our predecessors who sacrificed so much; up to and including their lives — we shouldn’t let their purpose die by allowing the media to scare us into agreeing that “SAFE” is the most important allegiance supported by the citizens of America.

    Thank you for proving that Free & Brave is still at work — there is a price to pay for taking on the bastards that have hijacked our country and they have an endless supply of money and power to squash any voice that challenges the bastards!

    I applaud you. Thank you!


  3. Kevin Zeese says:

    Wow — you have been so creatively productive. Fantastic. I’ve worked on so many of the things you have done art for, Chelsea Manning, Guantanamo prisoners, Occupy.

    I’ve seen your materials on the web, seeing you in the room surrounded by your work makes me realize that as impressed as I was, seeing it in the real, not virtual, world would even be more amazing.

    I can’t wait to see what you accomplish in 2014.

    Keep up the amazing work!


  4. steve prue says:

    Happy 2014!

    Thanks for including me on some of your awesome adventures – you and Fred inspire me to be a better artist and a better person. At times, I ask, “what would Molly do in this situation?” The answer usually involves drinking whiskey and creating something beautiful.

    works for me.

    see y’all soon.

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