Justice for Cecily


On Monday, May 5, Occupy Wall Street activist and friend of Dissent Cecily McMillan was unjustly convicted of assaulting a police officer at a demonstration celebrating the six-month anniversary of OWS. She is being held at Rikers Island until sentencing on Monday, May 19, and faces a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

In response to this egregious verdict, members of the Justice for Cecily team have collaborated with fellow activists, writers, and editors—including Dissent contributing editor Sarah Leonard and members of the Dissent staff—to produce the Free Cecily! gazette. Prior to next week’s sentencing, the gazette aims to highlight Cecily’s case and the wider issues it raises about police brutality and repression of civil liberties, including the right to protest.Free Cecily! features contributions from Maurice Isserman, Sarah Jaffe, Molly Knefel, Natasha Lennard, Chase Madar, and Mychal Denzel Smith; illustrations by Molly Crabapple; Cecily’s statement from Rikers; and more.

Click here to download the PDF. Please read and share widely!

To send a letter to Judge Zweibel asking for leniency in sentencing and learn about other ways you can support Cecily, visit justiceforcecily.com.

3 Responses to Justice for Cecily

  1. K Rudin says:

    Dear Molly Crabapple! ~
    Once more You are THERE: Thank You so much!
    What “the Public” ~ those people who don’t often risk arrest for their principles ~ realize is that IT IS UNIVERSALLY ROUTINE for cops to accuse their VICTIMS of assault! {I’ve got a few of these on my rap sheet for showing up “armed” with a camera!}
    So while I have ‘dropped back’ behind the front lines to OCCUPY my ‘umble Mendocino hideout {a fulltime yob, it turns out!}, I enthusiastically APPLAUD Your perseverence and Presence~with~Pen in the sharkpit that is the Activist courtroom du jour!
    Your Work is Immensely & Uniquely Valuable to both the Historic Outcome and Immediate Morale Support of these Critical Struggles!
    Let’s talktalk sometime!
    Peace, Love, Revolution/Revelation!
    Your Sister-in-Ink,
    K. Rudin

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