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Adult Magazine

Tucked into the chilly, silvery Financial District, Molly’s home is a whiskeyed oasis and one of the last places in Manhattan you can straight-facedly call “bohemian.” The walls are hung salon-style with her and Fred’s paintings; the bathroom, with its peacock-blue wallpaper, is a selfie haven. Molly occupies … Continue reading

Der Spiegel

There’s a feature on Molly in this week’s Der Spiegel by Mathieu von Rohr.  It’s solely available in German at the moment, but there’s a very nice quote from Salman Rushdie that says “Molly is an old-style bohemian with very … Continue reading

4/8 Book Launch: The Divide

Book launch for The Divide with Matt Taibbi and Molly Crabapple Tuesday Apr 08, 2014 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm THE POWERHOUSE ARENA [Dumbo] 37 Main Street Brooklyn, NY 11201 RSVP appreciated: online at  

Alice and Bob and Eve

The first study for the first painting of Ghosts in the Machine, Molly Crabapple’s new show about hackers, surveillance and the internet. This piece is entitled “Alice and Bob and Eve.” You can see behind the scenes progress shots on … Continue reading