Final day of Troy Hoodie Pre-sale!


Our pre-order for the No Other Troy black on charcoal grey hoodie is ending on Oct 1st at noon EST. Once the pre-order is closed there will be no further hoodies printed, so please make sure that you pick yours up today! We recently expanded the sizes to 2xl & 3xl for men’s and women’s – if you don’t see them in the dropdown, you can leave a note to us & we’ll make sure to print the correct size. The hoodies are printed on Anvil fashion cut medium weight hoodies and will be shipped out on October 15th!

Pick yours up today!

Art in the Age of the Ubiquitous Image

Teamrockstar Road Trip - Lemonaid Lookbook

On Tuesday, October 1st, I will be doing an event at the Berkman Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University on Art in the Age of the Ubiquitous Image.

From the site:

Two hundred years ago, artists had the monopoly on image making.  Now, every parade or disaster is accompanied by ten thousand twitpics.  In a world where mobile technology has made images instantaneous and ubiquitous, what does visual art have left to say? Drawing on her experiences doing illustrated journalism around Guantanamo Bay and the Greek economic crisis, Molly Crabapple speak about the role of art in a world captured by a million cameras.

The event is on Oct 1st at 12:30pm at the Berkman Center, 23 Everett St, 2nd Floor. There will also be a live webcast for those of you who cannot attend in person. You can RSVP on the event page.

Two Portland, OR events on 9/21

On Saturday, September 21st, I’ll be in Portland, OR attending XOXOFest. XOXO is an experimental festival celebrating independently produced art and technology and I’ll be giving a short talk on art, journalism and Kickstarter.

If you’ll be attending, I go on at 3:20pm at the Yu: Theater.

Later that day, I’ll be on LiveWire Radio’s next live show at the Alberta Rose Theatre along with a diverse cast of incredibly interesting people. Tickets are still available, doors are at 6:30pm. I hope you can make it!

No One Reads Kafka in Gitmo

Guantanamo is the world’s most notorious prison, but we see the detainees’ lives as if through dark water. To know them, we have a few leaked assessments, a few administrative review board transcripts— some tribunal president telling a British prisoner “I don’t care about international law.” The rest sinks into classification. In Gitmo, even the library stamps are secret.

-No One Reads Kafka in Gitmo: Passing Time in the World’s Most Notorious Prison, on

Wild Art book


I’m pleased to announce that I will be featured in the upcoming book, Wild Art!

Wild Art is a visual exploration of everything and anything from outside the exclusive and rarefied spectrum of the ‘Art World’.

It will present a highly illustrated account of the most exciting examples of the vast multitude of ‘other’ art worlds – mostly left unmentioned within the professional art literature – that proliferate outside the boundaries of the Art World. The art that most professionals – art critics, art historians, artists, auctioneers, collectors and dealers tend to ignore.

At its heart, this book raises the question of what constitutes ‘art’ by celebrating the artists and art forms that are usually ignored by the art establishment.

-official release from Phaidon. Pre-order the book in their online store now

VICE: Guantanamo is Kafka on the Carribean


The Joint Task Force offers journalists a carefully choreographed tour—the point of which is to show that the Bad Old Gitmo of public perception is not Gitmo Now.

Bad Old Gitmo existed from approximately 2002-2007. Its orange jumpsuits, water-boarding, detainees sleeping in what Granger, who served at Guantanamo in 2002, gleefully described as “dog kennels.” Its guards pummeling prisoners in revenge for September 11. Bad Old Gitmo, like so many icons of the Bush era, is Not Humane.


Faces From Gitmo


Americans see bogeymen in orange jumpsuits—not men with PTSD, favorite soccer teams and back problems; families and dreams; loves and legitimate hates.

For a journalist, trying to piece together the life of a Guantanamo detainee involves staring into the bureaucratic unknown. You have JTF-GTMO assessments, filled with feverish claims and torture-induced accusations.

-Creative Time Reports, “Faces of Gitmo”, seven portraits of GTMO detainees

Guantanamo Bay Through The Eyes Of Artist Molly Crabapple


…I think that when a lot of journalists go down to Guantanamo – and everyone that I was with was an amazing journalist. They’re much more traditional journalists and they write about the details of the trial. They do investigative stuff about, like, who’s hunger-striking. They speak to the lawyers. They speak to the Guantanamo spokespeople. But they don’t really write about what the experience of covering it is like. And I felt like that could be my contribution, that I wasn’t taking myself out of it like a traditional journalist would, but rather I was trying to bring the reader there with me so that the reader would understand what it felt like to be in Guantanamo.

-Talking Points Memo: Guantanamo Bay Through the Eyes of Artist Molly Crabapple

A Benefit for Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond



Free Barrett Brown and the Jeremy Hammond Defense Committee are collaborating to produce a night to jointly raise funds for the legal expenses of these two prominent internet activists. All proceeds will be split evenly between the two and will directly benefit barrett’s legal team and jeremy’s jail support fund.

This is a fundraiser event and variety show with notable speakers, musical performances, and the auctioning of items. Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond, whose cases are connected, are known for exposing the illegal private spying done by Stratfor, and for their association with Anonymous. Barrett faces up to 105 years in prison and is awaiting trial, while Jeremy faces up to 10 years after taking a non-cooperating plea agreement.

I’m donating two prints for the event, portraits of Barrett and Jeremy. If you’re in NYC and can attend, please come out.

– When: Monday, August 19th 2013 – 6PM to 11PM.

– Where: ThoughtWorks NYC – 99 Madison Avenue, 15th Floor.
– Max capacity : 80 people. Admission : $20 minimum.

NY Mag Interview on my memoir

Molly Crabapple got kicked out of school and learned to draw in Paris. She gave Occupy Wall Street artistic expression with the political paintings in her show “Shell Game” — Matt Taibbi called her &#8220;Occupy&#8217;s greatest artist&#8221;— and she was the third artist to ever visitGuantánamo Bay, where she’ll return at the end of August. Crabapple has also written for Vice about everything from anti-social behavior to her abortion. Now she&#8217;s signed a book deal with Harper Collins to write and illustrate a memoir, Drawing Blood, to be published in 2015. <br />
-Occupy&#8217;s Greatest Artist Writes Her Memoirs. By Jill Filipovic. The Cut. New York Magazine

Molly Crabapple got kicked out of school and learned to draw in Paris. She gave Occupy Wall Street artistic expression with the political paintings in her show “Shell Game” — Matt Taibbi called her “Occupy’s greatest artist”— and she was the third artist to ever visit Guantánamo Bay, where she’ll return at the end of August. Crabapple has also written for Vice about everything from anti-social behavior to her abortion. Now she’s signed a book deal with Harper Collins to write and illustrate a memoir, Drawing Blood, to be published in 2015.

-Occupy’s Greatest Artist Writes Her Memoirs. By Jill Filipovic. The Cut. New York Magazine

Two new articles for Vice & Creative Time Reports

I have two new articles out:d13a971461e2b6db5047bc86730e8c30

It Don’t Gitmo Better Than This: My longread for Vice magazine is now live.

Camp X-Ray has been abandoned for over a decade. Birds nest on the razor wire. Vines have overtaken the cages. With the breeze and butterflies, one could think it is just a still-standing reminder of a shameful past. For the current prisoners who passed through X-Ray, it is still part of their reality. They may have left, but they are not free.

You can read in full about my trip to Guantanamo Bay in their print magazine and online at


The Bradley Manning Truth Brigade: In Ft. Meade, VA, I have been sitting in the court room for Bradley Manning’s trial, drawing and writing to cover the verdict.

The most important whistleblower of the century stood accused of treason. But the trial’s environs had none of the grandeur of Manning’s revelations. Fort Meade, Maryland, home of the NSA and other defense agencies, is an unlovely suburb with vinyl siding, twee lampposts and trivia night at the bowling lanes. The military court only holds about 50, with overflow trailers for the public and the press. Misdemeanor court has more mystique.

Only the guards hinted that the proceedings were special. They carried enough ammo to turn every Manning supporter present into a fine red mist.

You can read about the many, many supporters I’ve met in my time down here online at

Shell Game Stills


Photographer Eden Nova has been an important part of the Shell Game show, shooting the load in and load out at Smart Clothes gallery and all the inbetweens. She recently sent me this collection of gorgeous photos from the show.

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New RSA Short: How to find your element

I’m happy to announce that I participated in a second RSA animated short. It’s entitled “How to find your element” and is about how finding one’s passion and true purpose in life is essential to human flourishing.

Based on the words of Sir Ken Robinson, he narrates, I illustrated, Keith Jenson filmed, and the always amazing Jim Batt brought it all together with his animation talents.

I Have Your Heart at the L.E.S* Film Festival

Have you been waiting to see I Have Your Heart on the big screen? Now’s your chance! Catch the New York premiere at the Lower East Side Film Festival, Monday, June 17th.

Directed by Jim Batt
The story of a good girl with a bad heart, and the boy whose death will save her life.
Told through darkly whimsical stopmotion, the film is a tale about love, loss, and open‐heart surgery.

L.E.S* Film Festival
June 17th (Animation Night)
8-10 pm
32 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003

June 19th (Twisted Love Night) 7:00 pm
217 Bowery
New York, NY 10002