VICE: I Confronted Donald Trump in Dubai

Donald Trump’s hair should not be.

It sits on his head like a soufflé, both airy and solid, as improbable as any building to which he’s given his name. In Dubai, I get to inspect Trump from all angles. His hair is otherworldly, but his face is more easily dissected. It’s tangerine, save two pale circles around his eyes.

Ivanka looks perfect, however. Even when her mouth is a moue of hate.

I am sitting two scant yards from Trump père et fille at a media briefing for the Trump International Golf Course, which is being built by the Emirati firm DAMAC Properties in conjunction with Donald Trump Townhouses and Villas. Trump has promised it will be the greatest golf course in the world.

Ivanka is angry because I asked a real question. In Dubai, this can land you in jail.

VICE: I Confronted Donald Trump in Dubai by Molly Crabapple

Cover for Unlocked by John Scalzi

Here is Molly’s cover art for Subterranean Press’s limited edition of John Scalzi’s novella, Unlocked. Only 1,500 signed & numbered copies are being produced. Preorder yours here.

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Two weeks ago, Jezebel published un-retouched outtakes of Lady Gaga’s Versace campaign.

Without Photoshop, Gaga’s wig was more wig-like, her makeup flat beige, but she was the same skinny, strong-nosed chameleon that Stephani Germanotta has always been. The outtakes were not interesting but showing celebrities without Photoshop is Jezebel’s brand.

Jezebel exploded in popularity in 2007 by offering a $10,000 bounty for originals of Faith Hill’s Redbook cover. The raw photos proved the magazine had liquefied the star’s waist, softened her nasiolabial folds, and brutalized her elbow into a bendy tube. This January, with more controversy, Jezebel paid another $10,000 for the originals of Lena Dunham’sVogue cover shoot. Those revealed only a tidied dress.

Jezebel’s is a feminism that seeks its scapegoat in altered images. To refrain from Photoshop is girl-positive marketing gold. Dove Campaign for Real Beauty delights itself by putting out fake filters that chide retouchers. Magazines sign “No Photoshop” pledges. Clothing companies crow that they’ve never taken a clone-stamp to their models’ thighs.

To these feminists, Photoshop is to blame to unrealistic body standards, poor self-esteem, and anorexia in teenage girls. The campaign against Photoshop is the perfect cause for white, middle-class women whose primary problem is feeling their bodies do not match an increasingly surreal media ideal.

Photoshop, the belief goes, takes a true record of a moment, and turns it into an oppressive lie.

But fuck Photoshop. Photos are already lies.

-Molly Crabapple for VICE, Photo Real: On Photoshop, Feminism and Truth

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Justice for Cecily


On Monday, May 5, Occupy Wall Street activist and friend of Dissent Cecily McMillan was unjustly convicted of assaulting a police officer at a demonstration celebrating the six-month anniversary of OWS. She is being held at Rikers Island until sentencing on Monday, May 19, and faces a maximum sentence of seven years in prison.

In response to this egregious verdict, members of the Justice for Cecily team have collaborated with fellow activists, writers, and editors—including Dissent contributing editor Sarah Leonard and members of the Dissent staff—to produce the Free Cecily! gazette. Prior to next week’s sentencing, the gazette aims to highlight Cecily’s case and the wider issues it raises about police brutality and repression of civil liberties, including the right to protest.Free Cecily! features contributions from Maurice Isserman, Sarah Jaffe, Molly Knefel, Natasha Lennard, Chase Madar, and Mychal Denzel Smith; illustrations by Molly Crabapple; Cecily’s statement from Rikers; and more.

Click here to download the PDF. Please read and share widely!

To send a letter to Judge Zweibel asking for leniency in sentencing and learn about other ways you can support Cecily, visit

Adult Magazine


Tucked into the chilly, silvery Financial District, Molly’s home is a whiskeyed oasis and one of the last places in Manhattan you can straight-facedly call “bohemian.” The walls are hung salon-style with her and Fred’s paintings; the bathroom, with its peacock-blue wallpaper, is a selfie havenMolly occupies the seemingly disparate roles of carnivalesque painter, politically active writer, and foreign correspondent. When we meet, she’s preparing for a story she can’t talk about.

-“Molly Crabapple’s Too Many Things” Adult Mag

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PEN Ten Interview & upcoming auction


This week, the PEN Ten, PEN America’s biweekly interview series curated by Lauren Cerand talks with Molly Crabapple:

What is the responsibility of the writer? The artist? Is it the same?

Be honest and brave and try to make the world a bit more beautiful, which is in no way the same as making it more pretty (though that is also nice). But these are really human responsibilitie

- See more at:


Photograph © Beowulf Sheehan/PEN American Center

Additionally, the five giant paintings Molly created live at PENfest 2011 are currently at auction to benefit the PEN America residence in Thomassin, Haiti. This early series covers the themes of labor, war, truth, money and revolution. Check them out and bid to own these gorgeous, one of a kind paintings:

Photograph © Beowulf Sheehan/PEN American Center

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Talking Points Memo – Istanbul: Before the Tear Gas


On April 18th, I interviewed a Syrian refugee in Istanbul. One year short of getting an advanced degree when arrest attempts forced him to flee Aleppo, the refugee spoke English with a measured intensity. Turkey had opened its borders, he said. Though he is atheist, Turks treated him like a brother, based on what they assumed was a shared Muslim identity. “We believe that if the [Turkish] opposition wins an election they’ll throw us into the sea.” the refugee told me. “The AKP is authoritarian. They should lose. But it’s in my personal interest that they win.” Understandably, the refugee asked me not to reveal his name. In February, Turkey deported an Azerbaijani journalist in revenge for his criticizing the government.

-Talking Points Memo – Istanbul: Before the Tear Gas by Molly Crabapple

Earlier this month, Molly Crabapple flew to Istanbul to interview a variety of activists, journalists, dissidents and footbal fans to report on the post-Gezi culture of street protest before today’s planned May Day protests. The article is a long form report, including several illustrations from her travels.

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4/26: Theorizing the Web conference


On Saturday, April 26th, Molly Crabapple will be speaking on “Tweeting From Amongst the Corpses”, a discussion about Jihadists in Syria and their use of social media. This is part of an hour-long panel on “Sex and the Selfie”. Her fellow panelists include Anne Burns, Ofer Nur, Apryl Williams and is presided by Rotem Rozental. The panel runs from 11:30am-12:45pm.

Theorizing the Web is an inter- and non-disciplinary annual conference that brings together scholars, journalists, artists, activists, and commentators to ask big questions about the interrelationships between the Web and society.

The conference is open to the public and attendance fees are by donation. You must register at

April 26th, 2014
Windmill Studios
287 Kent Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

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Politico: George Bush’s Paintings Aren’t Funny

…the media loves Bush’s paintings. They’re ideal clickbait-kitsch from a boy who would grow into an adorable grandpa, without ever becoming an adult. Bush grins in his painting smock and we laugh. An art exhibit is the benign cherry on his lifetime sundae of fail. Some in the media even wonder if art is therapy for him. Is Bush haunted by what he has done?

I believe Bush paints because Bush can do anything. Every American dream, Bush got—an Ivy League education, running his own sports team, even the presidency. When each dream ended in failure, he grinned and moved on. Bush’s paintings are one more way of turning away from the past, just as he ignored the trail of blood Zaidi left as guards dragged him from the room.

Molly Crabapple for Politico, “George Bush’s Paintings Aren’t Funny”:

Der Spiegel

There’s a feature on Molly in this week’s Der Spiegel by Mathieu von Rohr.  It’s solely available in German at the moment, but there’s a very nice quote from Salman Rushdie that says “Molly is an old-style bohemian with very contemporary political sensibilities. I’m very attracted by the fluidity and versatility of her line, and by her images’ mixture of sexiness, satire, and real anger about the state of things.”

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4/9 Cafe Society at India House with Warren Ellis


An evening discussion with Molly Crabapple and writer, Warren Ellis

Wednesday, April 9th
7pm at India House
1 Hanover Square, New York, NY.

Please RSVP to [email protected]

4/8 Book Launch: The Divide


Book launch for The Divide with Matt Taibbi and Molly Crabapple
Tuesday Apr 08, 2014
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

37 Main Street
Brooklyn, NY 11201

RSVP appreciated: [email protected] online at


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New Orleans wheat paste installation

Always Art_HR (84 of 92)

Melissa here! I was recently in New Orleans, and had the unique opportunity to do an installation for Molly Crabapple. We wanted to find local spaces that would be interested in allowing us to wheat paste art onto their buildings, with her focus on illustrating local performers. The whole project would be a celebration of New Orleans culture. She received permission from Nicky da B and Katey Red, two legendary rappers in NOLA, to use their likenesses.

We ended up wheat pasting onto the Allways Lounge, located on St. Claude and Marigny Sts at the Bywater/Marigny border. The Allways Lounge is a gorgeous, cabaret-style venue that features amazing burlesque acts, live bands and has been a strong supporter of the weird and wonderful performers in NOLA. We were thrilled to work with them!

On one windy evening just after Mardi Gras, friend and talented local artist Reina, and I went and put up a number of prints. The following were taken by the wonderful photographer Melisa CardonaAlways Art_HR (7 of 92)

Always Art_HR (8 of 92)

Always Art_HR (10 of 92)

Always Art_HR (13 of 92)

We had the images printed up at a local copy shop, then proceeded to cut out each image by hand, keeping the outlines fairly loose to match Molly’s style.

Always Art_HR (15 of 92)

Always Art_HR (30 of 92)

Always Art_HR (40 of 92)

Always Art_HR (47 of 92)

Always Art_HR (53 of 92)

Always Art_HR (61 of 92)

Always Art_HR (69 of 92)

Always Art_HR (70 of 92)

All done! The whole process took us only a few hours. Come morning, Melisa came back around & took photos of the whole building in the light.Always Art_HR (73 of 92) Always Art_HR (84 of 92) Always Art_HR (87 of 92) Always Art_HR (88 of 92) Always Art_HR (91 of 92)


And the original images:


Rapper, Nicky Da B


Rapper, Katey Red


Inspired by New Orleans Baby Doll Ladies


Bounce Dancer

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