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GenArt Resurrection Benefit

My friend Ian Gerard is the brains behind GenArt, one of New York’s most legendary culture orgs. For over a decade, GenArt held art fairs, launched Zac Posen, threw film festivals, and was even kind enough to sponsor my tshirt … Continue reading

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The Art Monkey Alphabet: B

Every day for the 26 days, I’m going to be releasing one letter of the Art Monkey Alphabet. At the end of the 26th day, I’ll make silkscreened posters of the entire alphabet, and release the monkeys as a font. … Continue reading

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My Ignite NYC Speech

My speech at Ignite NYC during Web 2.0 Week. Ignite is a uniquely exhilarating/nerve wracking format for speakers. You have 5 minutes to make your point, with slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds. Soooo much practice! ImageThink made this great graphic … Continue reading

Recent Press

Comic Con is over, for me at least.  What a whirl of parties (MTV!  Amanda Palmer’s Party on the Internet!  DC Comics!  The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund!  Yosi Sergant’s Re:Form School!  All in three days!)  Yesterday, I had the … Continue reading

NYCC + Re:Form School

Oh this weekend, what an overbooked morass you’ve turned into! I’m taking part in, I kid you not, four different projects in the span of two days, three of which I can speak about. Read on and shudder! Project #1: … Continue reading

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Photos from my Open Studio

of arabic tattoos absinthe and Australians photos by Kate Black. Thanks so much for Kim Boekbinder for being a louche, beautiful ukulele player for the night and forever

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The NSFW Contest

Thanks to twitter follower @@jcharette, I now know that is blocked on Amtrack. This isnt’ a new experience. has long been the target of haters of cartoon nipples.  You can’t see it when you wait for jury duty … Continue reading

Zoetica Ebb rocking Dirtee Hollywood

Dear friend and soon-to-be-houseguest Zoetica Ebb is  rocking one of my Dirtee Hollywood tshirts in her latest Chinashop blog.  Adorability, peoples! Incidentally, they’re on sale- so if you balked at spending $60 on a shirt, they’re now $35 at Ron Robinson.

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Press: Lookbooks + MyItThings

Rockstars Hilary Beck and Yuli Ziv were kind enough to cover my tshirt launch at Atrium.  Check out their writeups on… + Lookbooks + MyItThings

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This, tomorrow, go…

I’m too tired for copywriting more elegant than this, but the biggest Dr. Sketchy’s event ever is tomorrow, and we’d really like you there.  Cause…

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