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GENLUX Magazine

Part of a four page spread in GenLux, were they put me in this stunning, fragile Valentino dress I kept thinking I was going to tear with my monkey paws

2011 Year in Review

2011 was one of the best years of my life. Often being an artist is a trudge where you slog through making things and punch your hand to make it stop hurting and pray that people won’t notice your self-plagiarism. But sometimes, so rarely, you’re a conduit. You work constantly, brutally, effortlessly. Inspiration comes. 2011 was like that.

Here’s what I did. It’s a bit.

* Me and John spent most of 2010 working on our rococo steampunk dream project, Puppet Makers ,for DC Comics. DC then folded the imprint, cancelled the series, and we thought it would never see the light of day. In early ’11 they dumped it, sans promo, on Comixology. You can get it here.

*Went to Angouleme, the giant French comics convention in a charming, medival town. The professionals hall is in a castle. Vowed never to go to another American comic con. Spent rest of year teaching self semi-fluent French

* kept obsessive sketchbooks drawing everyone I ever hung out with or drank with or admired from afar.

* Spoke at SXSW, The Brooklyn Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, on CNN Money and as a smart-mouth “expert” on Andy Warhol for the Biography Chanel.

* Was shortlisted for the Groucho Award in London alongside Idris Elba and Nick Davies.

* Had friend and muse Buck Angel present me with a Fleshbot Award for my achievements in depraved art

*Inspired by the Box London, started making giant pieces of art, including 5 huge panels for the PEN Literary Festival and a gigantic drawing for Stumptown

*Hosted a documentary about erotic comics for ARTE, the Franco-German TV channel, dubbed into French, against a green screen, in a Judy Jetson micro-mini

* Traveled to Paris (x3), London (x4), Chicago, Portland, Austin, LA

* Wrote Straw House with John Leavitt, our 200 page graphic novel for First Second Books. It’s due out 2013. 2012 is the year I do nothing but draw it

*overcame my hatred of likenesses by drawing sixty six friends and inspirations

*… and followed it up with sixty six historical reprobates

* Did Week in Hell, the project I am probably proudest of thus far. Raised 25k to draw 270 feet of art in 5 days, going nearly mad in the process. If you donated, thank you more than I can say.

* got a deal to publish three art books with IDW

*drew stuff I was proud of

* Occupy Wall Street happened outside my window and took over my art. I drew posters, made my loft into a press-room, sketched protesters, and even had my favorite journalist, Matt Taibbi, rock a shirt with my art

* drank whiskey with old friends, new friends, and people too awesome for me to deserve to know. Thanks John Leavitt, Sarah Jaffee, Warren Ellis, Clayton Cubitt, Laurie Penny, Jen Dziura, Kate Black, Melissa Dowell, Kim Boekbinder, Steve Prue, Quinn Norton and all the rest of yee for being in my life

* Canson made me a brand ambassador, which upped my art game by giving me all the really sweet supplies I couldn’t formerly afford

* I drew alot of shirts for Dirtee Hollywood, which Stoya looked extremely pretty in.

* Collaborated like mad with beloved Kim Boekbinder. She wrote a song for me. We’re almost done with a short film, animated by Jim Batt

* Am so fucking grateful to my assistant, creative coordinator, Dr. Sketchy’s manager, and whipmistress, Melissa Dowell. In real life, assistants build the galleons, and artists just draw their own faces on the flags. Not 1/10th of this list would have been done without Melissa. Melissa, thank you.

Have been spending the last few days drinking cocoa, sketching, plotting for 2012. What a fucking year its been. Thanks for being with me through it.

RIP George Whitman

On December 14, George Whitman, the proprietor of Paris’s Shakespeare and Company bookstore, died. He was 98.

I was 17 and sitting under a cherry tree when we met, and he invited me to live at the shop. He changed my life that day. George had written over the doorway of the upstairs library “Be not inhospitable to strangers. They may be angels in disguise. He kept a home for wayward artists in the heart of Paris for over 50 years. George Whitman was a fucking hero to art, to hope,to possibility. Rest in peace George. I owe so much more to you than I ever got to say. Thank you

George and me

Update- I Have Your Heart

Mad Aussie genius Jim Batt has sent more photos from the set of I Have Your Heart, where he is toiling away cutting out individual leaves of ivy for your amusement.

Jim, I speak for us all when I say, “Goddamn”

Follow the progress of I Have Your Heart, a short film by Crabapple, Boekbinder and Batt, HERE

New Print: Porphyria’s Lover

Based on the poem by Robert Browning- because who doesn’t love long golden hair and a fundamentally indifferent universe. 17″ x 22″, on Canson fine art rag paper, in archival inks. Signed and numbers, limited edition of 25

Available HERE

New York City

My art for Kim Boekbinder’s new song New York City.  You can buy the art, song, and even a t-shirt here.

My art for Kim Boekbinder’s new song New York City. She wrote it for me, and my hometown.  I love it very much

You can buy the art, song, and even a t-shirt here.

Compleat Holiday Gift Guide

Private commission.  Portrait of Catherine Deneuve
Tomorrow is the last day to commission a piece in time for Christmas
I’m still accepting commissions for Christmas.  I’ve had an almost insanely varied career that’s involved everything from children’s books to perverse nightclub murals, and I’m available for portraits, tattoo designs, and really, most things your brain could cook up, so don’t be shy about inquiring.  If you need the commission in time for Christmas, contact me by tomorrow.  Prices start at $1000 for most pieces.
Saints and Sinners Prints

My Saints and Sinners prints are the perfect gift for the history dork you know.  Sixty six portraits of historical reprobates, including Cleopatra, Serge Gainsbourg, Oscar Wilde, Aleister Crowley and Alan Turing, available as limited edition, 17″ x 22″ prints on archival Canson art paper.  Check them out and order HERE.

Occupy Wall Street Prints + Dangerous Liaison Prints + Kill the Wordbeast
I’ve done a variety of pieces based around Occupy Wall Street, that are available in my Etsy shop.  $20 from the sale of each Occupy Wall Street piece goes to the New York General Assembly.  If your tastes are more 1%, I also have this lavishly detailed print based on Versailles intrigue novel, Dangerous Liaisons.

For writers, my popular Kill the Wordbeast print has returned to the store.

Silkscreen of the Month Club

If you love my silkscreens, (hand screened by Melissa Dowell at Bushwick Print Lab), you can now sign up to get a new one every month, as well as a handbound portfolio with an original cover drawing to store them in.  Prints ship on the first of every month.  Find out more, buy in advance, or sign up for affordable monthly billing here.

To assure you get your print order in time for Christmas, please order by Monday, December 10th.  We can probably squeeze out another shipping after that, but better safe than sorry.

Late Night Tomfoolery

World’s femmiest V mask

Under the influance of scotch, hacker talk and Wired’s Quinn Norton, made things last night.

Quinn’s betentacled press jacket

Sketchbook Pages

Portrait of Christopher Hitchens as a Younger Man

Portrait of Tom Watson MP
(ie the member of parliament who laceratingly gave Murdoch his during the News of the World phone hacking scandal. Also comics geek and grade-A guy)

The People’s Library

The People’s Library: Rebuild Renew Remember.

by me and John Leavitt. To commemorate New York’s destruction of thousands of books at the Occupy Wall Street library.

I drew this this morning surrounded by journalists drinking black coffee in my loft-turned-pressroom. By 4pm is was out on the streets

People’s librarian, masked against teargas, poses with one of my posters.

Shortlisted for the Groucho Club Award

I am so honored and kinda shocked that I’m on this list. Only non-UK person too, I think

The Groucho Club Announces Maverick Shortlist

The shortlist for the 2011 Groucho Club Award – announced today – reflects an
unprecedented year which has seen major global shocks and shifts in the world of media,
politics and finance.

Featured amongst the six shortlisted ‘mavericks’ are the campaigning journalist who
uncovered the News of the World phone-hacking scandal; the MP who spoke out about it;
and the artist who used her work as an activist to support Wall Street Occupy.

The shortlist for the 2011 Groucho Maverick Award is:

Molly Crabapple
An artist and activist, Molly began her career doing covers for the pornographic
newspaper, Screw and earlier this year designed the murals for nightclub, The Box in
Soho. Also this year she has made her art political though her use of art to protest at
Wall Street Occupy

Nick Davies
The Guardian investigative journalist whose relentless commitment to the truth led to
the uncovering of much of the News of the World phone-hacking scandal

Idris Elba

The talented British actor who went to America to find work and became an
international star in The Wire. He has now returned to the UK to star in Luther and
continues to campaign for a greater diversity of roles for black actors

Hilary Lloyd
An artist who, in films and installations, shows the world at its most ordinary and
boring – underpants, tower blocks, glossy fashion mags – and flips the meaning to
make it suddenly menacing and strange.

Caitlin Moran
The outspoken Times journalist, Caitlin is the author of How to be a Woman, the
book which everyone’s reading, in which she redefines feminism and proves that
women can be as funny as men

Tom Watson
The Labour MP who, by asking questions no one else dared ask in the House,
bought much of the phone-hacking scandal into the public consciousness


Launched in 2010 as ‘the antidote to other awards’, the Maverick Award celebrates
people who have broken the mould in their own particular field, by challenging and
making a significant contribution to our culture in the past 12 months, either in the UK or