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Sixty Six: Laurie Penny

This morning, I was thinking about how lucky I was to know the most extraordinary people: writers and artists and porn stars and firebrand journalists and rockstars. And I thought that maybe I should draw them.

So I’m going to try, when not murdering myself on other things, I’m going to try to draw sixty six of them.

Here’s the first. Laurie Penny. UK Journalist and badass.

Sketch of Aaron Peters

Jet Pens sent me a pack of new ink toys- nibs, brush pens, little niggly things that I can cross-hatch to death with. Tested out a few on this sketch of Aaron Peters of UK Uncut (a movement of young Brits protesting against health and education cuts that continuously both inspires me and makes me throw my hands up at US protest culture).


Comrades, Wired just wrote a really sweet piece about Molly Crabapple’s Week in Hell:

“Crabapple describes Kickstarter as a modern day alternative to a broken, elitist, jargon-heavy unapproachable grant system that it doesn’t take advantage of the internet. This is her third project funded by the site, and while it may be ambitious, it’s not unusual. For her, that is.

She’s already painted a 90-foot mural for a nightclub in London, in a signature style one might describe as Dr. Seuss meets Toulouse-Lautrec (pigs snorting coke and Parisian dancers hanging from the ceiling are standard motifs). She once painted for eight hours a day in the lobby of the Standard hotel in New York, creating a series of four feet “surrealist Victoriana” masterpieces. But nothing has quite prepared her for “Week in Hell,” which will happen sometime this September.”


Moleskine Drawing Jam at Bloomingdales

Moleskine Drawing Jam at Bloomingdale’s 59th street featuring: Molly Crabapple,

This Saturday, I’m going to be at Bloomingdales customizing covers for Moleskine.  Each one will be a different gold drawing of octopii, libraries, and our model, the fantastically dapper Giovanni James.

You’re very much invited to draw him along with me

Moleskine Drawing Jam at Bloomingdale’s 59th street location in Manhattan, featuring: Molly Crabapple, founder of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art-school

Join Moleskine® on Saturday, June 11th, from 2-5pm, for a special in-store event. Bring your notebooks and sketch from a live model with Molly Crabapple, founder of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art-school. Molly’s drawings will decorate the covers of large Moleskine notebooks, which will be given as a gift to anyone who makes a $30 in-store purchase from the Moleskine collection during the event. Molly will lead everyone that attends in a game that pairs the live model with a series of fantastic objects to inspire the sketching.

Saturday, June 11th, 2-5pm

1000 3rd. Ave., New York, NY
Located on 1st fl in the men’s accessories department, entrance on the 3rd avenue side

Eff Poster

Click to blow up

Poster I designed for the Electronic Freedom Frontier to help explain the Tor Project (ie what single handedly kept the internet running during the Egyptian revolution.) If you set up 5 or more Tor rallys, the EFF will send you a copy. Words by the ever witty John Leavitt

Cory Doctorow says…

Holy awesomesauce! If ever there was a cryptoanonymity primer involving top-hat wearing octopuses, this is it!

Molly Crabapple’s Week in Hell

What is Molly Crabapple’s Week in Hell?

To celebrate my 28th birthday, I’m renting a room, locking myself inside for five days, covering the walls with paper, and filling every inch of that paper with art. I might go insane, or it might be awesome. I’m inviting you along for the ride.

I’m interested in what happens when an artist leaves their studio, their cliches, and their comfort zone and draws beyond the limits of their endurance. I also want to see what tarts and squidbeasts look like frollicking on a massive scale.

During the week, amazing photographer Steve Prue will be documenting the art created, my increasing insanity, and the cast of muses, musicians and miscreants that comes to keep me company. We’ll wrap this up into an art book, Molly Crabapple’s Week in Hell, with a forward by Transmetropolitan creator Warren Ellis.