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Last month, I got chosen as a Canson Brand Ambassedor, which is a really sweet way of saying that, since then, Canson has been lavishly providing me with most of my art dork needs. I’ve been getting Arches field notebooks, … Continue reading

Week in Hell

In June, I decided to do something crazy. For my birthday, I would lock myself in a hotel room, cover the walls with paper, and cover the paper with art. Fingers crossed, I put the project on Kickstarter. In two … Continue reading

Coilhouse Poster

Happy Fourth Birthday Coilhouse! East coast comrades, come and help celebrate on the 21st Posters will be hand silkscreened by Melissa Dowell at Bushwick Print Lab, and available for sale soon  

Kim Boekbinder’s Pre-Sold Tour

Musician Kim Boekbinder is redefining the concept of touring with her pre-sold tour, but she needs you to back it! As a bonus, I’ll be doing a unique poster for every city on the tour that’s successfully funded, so backers … Continue reading

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Saints and Sinners

Since the Sixty Six Project ended, I felt a hole in my heart that only compulsive graphomania could fill. So I started Molly Crabapple’s Saints and Sinners, portraits of whores, scoundrels, scammers and heroes from history, all of whom I … Continue reading

PEN Mini Doc

Molly Crabapple at the PEN Literary Festival from molly crabapple on Vimeo. Filmmaker Shahrir Shadab did a wonderful short documentary about the art installation I did at the Standard Hotel for the PEN Literary Festival.

Moleskine Hack

Draw a profile on the first page of your moleskine. Cut around it. To make it stiff, you can cover it with matte medium You now have a sketchbook imp!