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Guantanamo Drawings

I am currently in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, drawing for VICE.

I’m covering the pretrial hearings of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, which you can read the first installment of.

And traveled to Camp X-ray, the temporary prison that held the first prisoners while Gitmo’s permanent facilities were being constructed after 9/11. The article is also up now.

I’ll be in GTMO for the rest of the week. You can follow along on Twitter: @mollycrabapple

I Have Your Heart at the L.E.S* Film Festival

Have you been waiting to see I Have Your Heart on the big screen? Now’s your chance! Catch the New York premiere at the Lower East Side Film Festival, Monday, June 17th.

Directed by Jim Batt
The story of a good girl with a bad heart, and the boy whose death will save her life.
Told through darkly whimsical stopmotion, the film is a tale about love, loss, and open‐heart surgery.

L.E.S* Film Festival
June 17th (Animation Night)
8-10 pm
32 Second Avenue
New York, NY 10003

June 19th (Twisted Love Night) 7:00 pm
217 Bowery
New York, NY 10002

Bradley Manning and Us

Loyalty is life and death for soldiers. But like courage, it’s a morally neutral virtue. Its morality depends on how you view the cause it serves. Like any whistleblower, Manning may have betrayed his institution, but he did so out of loyalty to humanity.

Bradley Manning and Us (The Guardian)

My piece on loyalty, truth, and Bradley Manning commissioned by Creative Time Reports, and also in The Guardian, “Bradley Manning and Us.”
Manning’s trial started today.