A Conversation About AI: Humans Fight Back

It’s happening.

Artists, Writers and Activists Open Petition Against the Use of AI Artwork’ the initiative is led by Molly, Hypebeast reports.

The conversation has gone mainstream. Artists are fighting back. And the people, it seems, are waking up.

“AI Machines Aren’t ‘Hallucinating,’ But Their Makers Are’ reports Naomi Klein at The Guardian.

Writers, journalists and other creatives are reacting to this new AI hell-scape too…

“Artists, journalist and writers are leading the fight against employers who seek to replace them with AI,” says columnist Brian Merchant at the LA Times. His latest column, ‘Your Boss Wants to Replace You: The Writers’ Strike Shows How to Fight Back,’ discusses the Hollywood strike by the Writers’ Guild of America. Writers are heading to the picket line!

The first organizational steps are now being taken by the Freelance Solidarity Project of the National Writers Union.

“Every day, another place that used to hire human artists has filled the spot with schlock from [AI image generator] Midjourney. If illustrators want to remain illustrators in two years, they have to fight now.”

Molly Crabapple

Time to act! Support the Writers’ Guild today.

In Solidarity,