Across the World Minds Are Narrowing. We Must Fight Back.

Exclusionary tribalism is making a comeback. In America, the Cheetos Fascist rallies the crowds with promises to Make America Great Again, a feat he intends to accomplish by kicking out Mexicans and Muslims, and kicking black people down. Never mind that his Great America never actually existed. And though the Brexit was a 17.4-million-vote fuck you to David Cameron and the austerity-loving EU, it was also a self-destructive convulsion of xenophobia. Within days, eastern Europeans and people of color reported over a hundred instances of racist abuse. A letter reading “Leave the EU. No more Polish vermin” appeared in the mailboxes of Polish families in Huntingdon. To many Leave voters, taking Britain back meant more than booting out the EU’s technocrats – they wanted to purge their island of foreigners and brown people too.

-Molly Crabapple

Across the world minds are narrowing. We must fight back. The Guardian 06/27/2016