beautiful and burnt out building. Athens

From July 4-9, me and journalist Laurie Penny travelled to Athens to research Discordia, an illustrated ebook on life under the Eurozone crisis.  Random House UK will be releasing it in early fall

my sketchbook

We interviewed striking steelworkers, queer activists, migrant organizers, anarchists, Bangladashi marketing students, and SYRIZA journalists.

memorial for fifteen year old boy murdered by police. Exarcheia

We drank endless frappes in Exarcheia, anarchist stronghold and home of  the finest graffiti in the world.

Graffiti at the base of the Acropolis

Because we’re working on a book, I’m not going to talk too much about the trip, except to say that I was utterly humbled by the generosity we were met with.

Especially that of our fixer, the Greek Spider Jerusalum, Yiannis Baboulias.

Anti-racist festival

But really, of every fucking Greek we met.  Thank you, guys.  We hope we do you proud.

My office

Laurie hiding from the daytime heat

Anti-fascist poster. Exarcheia