Last month, I got chosen as a Canson Brand Ambassedor, which is a really sweet way of saying that, since then, Canson has been lavishly providing me with most of my art dork needs.

I’ve been getting Arches field notebooks, (my new favorite thing to do watercolour washes on) Canson mixed media pads, Royal Talens drawing ink, Amsterdam acrylics from Blick Art Supplies
, and the sweet art paper that is encircling my universe for Week in Hell

I’ve also been doing Saints and Sinners are both Arches paper and Canson watercolour paper. The arches does the most insanely smooth washes, and makes my persnickety pen and inks look like etchings. Hopelessly in love.

I’ll be posting more of my experiments with Canson and Royal Talens art toys.

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