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RSA Animate

Me, Jim Batt and Kim Boekbinder did an RSA Short for the Royal Society of the Arts, illustrating Susan Cain’s speech on the power of introverts. It has a cat Steve Wozniak

London + Discordia

Me and a very tiny piece of my Groucho Club mural I recently got back from London, where me and Laurie launched Discordia, (our ebook on the Greek crisis) and I created a 50 foot mural of ink madness for … Continue reading

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Maker Faire Poster

My poster for the World Maker Faire 2012.  Maker Faire had gorgeous prints made of these on watercolour paper, and I spent yesterday evening signing 500 of them at the New York Hall of Science.  I loved the challenge of … Continue reading

This Week…

Last Monday, I was arrested  for walking on the sidewalk during an Occupy Wall Street protest. Thanks to friends like Mona Eltahawy, Laurie Penny, Neil Gaiman, Stoya, and Warren Ellis, the #freemollycrabapple tag blew up the intrawebs.  It was a … Continue reading

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Ariadne and the Science 2/5

ARIADNE AND THE SCIENCE: 2/5 – by Molly Crabapple & Warren Ellis There was lots of names for the thing Ariadne made: computational flora, iGrass, memory trees, That Damned Stuff. There were lots of names for Ariadne, too, because when … Continue reading

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Illustrations for The Nation

I did four illustrations for The Nation’s latest Occupy-themed issue. A I grew up reading my dad’s Nation subscription, and was a bit of a high to see my name on their pages.

Ariadne and the Science. 1/5

ARIADNE AND THE SCIENCE Words: Warren Ellis Art: Molly Crabapple No-one knows how old Ariadne is any more.  She’s said by many to live in seclusion within a cloaked and baroque lunar atelier, which is a strange thing for a … Continue reading

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Art Slavery Update

Yolandi Vi$$er Rat with Yolandi Vi$$er  In a few days I’m turning 29.  I’ll have some fat post of things I did in the last year, and the things I hope to make in the next one, but these last … Continue reading

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Cover for Discordia

Cover for Discordia. Wherein Laurie Penny and I went to Athens, made art and journalism, got epic drunk, and stared into the dark heart of the new order DISCORDIA is a story of courage and collapse in a country and … Continue reading

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Week in Review

The irony is that, at the moment I decided to start blogging more thoroughly for you, I got glomped with such a hellwave of work that I never leave the house. Still I’m going to try. Not least so I … Continue reading

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Detail Shots from Shell Game

The Hivemind The Hivemind The Hivemind The Hivemind The Hivemind Business of Illness Business of Illness Business of Illness Business of Illness Business of Illness A New England A New England A New England A New England A New England

Amsterdam Demimonde

In June, Royal Talens flew me out to Amsterdam. The sketch series I did, Amsterdam Demimonde, is now up on The New Inquiry In June, a company I work with flew me out to Amsterdam, ostensibly to create art about … Continue reading

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Two New Silkscreens

July silkscreen of the month is here.  Very few available.  Pick one up here. May Day General Strike poster.  For sale on Etsy.

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Dans Le Rouge

Another art journalism collaboration with Laurie Penny, this time on the student protests in Montreal See more work and read Laurie’s article over at The New Inquiry.

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#NoNato Collaberation with Laurie Penny

Journalist Laurie Penny and I collaberated on these drawings from the Chicago anti-Nato protests.  Her words.  My art.  More to come.  See the rest on The New Inquiry.

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