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My Ignite NYC Speech

My speech at Ignite NYC during Web 2.0 Week. Ignite is a uniquely exhilarating/nerve wracking format for speakers. You have 5 minutes to make your point, with slides auto-advancing every 15 seconds. Soooo much practice! ImageThink made this great graphic … Continue reading

Photos from my Open Studio

of arabic tattoos absinthe and Australians photos by Kate Black. Thanks so much for Kim Boekbinder for being a louche, beautiful ukulele player for the night and forever

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Zoetica Ebb rocking Dirtee Hollywood

Dear friend and soon-to-be-houseguest Zoetica Ebb is  rocking one of my Dirtee Hollywood tshirts in her latest Chinashop blog.  Adorability, peoples! Incidentally, they’re on sale- so if you balked at spending $60 on a shirt, they’re now $35 at Ron Robinson.

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