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Bernie Sanders, Iowa Climate Crisis Summit

Molly had the pleasure and honor of joining Bernie Sanders, AOC, and many other activists at the Climate Crisis Summit in Iowa this past weekend. Speaking on a panel with Chandra Walker, the Native Caucus Chair for the Nebraska Democratic Party and Zina Precht-Rodriguez, the leader of the Sunrise Movement, Molly was one of many addressing the thousands of Iowans in Des Moines who came together to discuss the climate crisis and support Bernie’s candidacy. All done in front of banners created from Molly’s artwork from the video A Message From the Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . A full video of the summit can be seen here.

Translation from Yiddish “Bernie fights for us, Let’s fight for Bernie”

El Museo DEL Barrio and 2020 Bard Fellowship

Molly will be attending the kick-off event at the El Museo DEL Barrio at 6 pm at 1249 5th Ave, and signing posters she designed. The event is free and open to the public.

We’re also very proud to announce that Molly has been named as one of the 2020 Bard Fellows at the Brooklyn Public Library. Along with three other writers and scholars, Molly will be engaging with students over the next year and supporting them in their academic pursuits. Read more about it here!

Community Spotlight: Radix Media

Launch party for Al Andalous in New York, Printed by Radix Media

Molly was featured in this weeks Community Spotlight by Radix Media. Radix Media is a worker owned printer and publisher based out of NYC that Molly is proud to support. Earlier this year they handled the printing of Al Andalous in New York, the zine made by Molly and her students during her residency at NYU’s Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies, and they did an amazing job.

Check out Mollys interview with Radix here

Events This Week

At 7PM, Tuesday Sept 24th, Molly will be speaking at Blue Stockings Bookstore in the Lower East Side in a discussion titled Palestine in the Present Tense with author Marcello Di Cintio.

Pay No Heed to the Rockets: Life in Contemporary Palestine, reveals the Palestinian experience as seen through the lens of authors, books, and literature. Using the form of a political-literary travelogue, he explores what literature means to modern Palestinians and how Palestinians make sense of the conflict between a rich imaginative life and the daily tedium and violence of survival. Join us for a reading and discussion of the book with author Marcello Di Cintio, in conversation with author and activist Molly Crabapple.

Then on Thursday September 26th at 7pm Molly will join author Ibtisam Azem for a discussion on his new book, The Book of Disappearance at McNally Jackson books at 52 Prince Street

You can also view Molly’s work at the Museum of Broken Windows, a pop-up experience in New York City, which features the work of artists from around the country. The exhibit asks what the toll of Broken Windows policing has been on Black and Brown New Yorkers and invites people to reflect on why the outdated policing strategy belongs in a museum, rather than on our streets.

On view from September 13 – October 9, Noon – 8 P.M.
Cooper Union, 7 East 7th St

The Ink Vault returns!

After a long hiatus, Molly’s newsletter is about to make it’s triumphant return later this week! Sign up now to stay up to date on Molly’s latest art and writing, upcoming speaking events, and to receive exclusive deals and discount codes to the shop. Sign up now!

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New Podcast Interviews

Molly was interviewed on two amazing podcasts this week, Studio 360 and Radio Juxtapoz

On the Radio Juxtapoz podcast Molly talks about the current state of the art world, climate change, her books, and a whole lot more.

On Studio 360 Molly is one of a couple interesting folks interviewed by guest host Maeve Higgins, including playwright Michael R. Jackson and the creators and cast of “Felix Starro,” a new musical from the Ma-Yi Theater Company. Molly discusses writing Brothers of the Gun with Marwan Hisham, and her video “A Message From The Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez”

You can check it out below or tune into WNYC 93.9FM this Sunday at 11 or on 200+ other stations over the next week.

Check out Molly’s interview here and see the sketches of Maeve she drew while recording

Bundism’s Influence Today

On September 16th Molly will be joining Jack Jacobs, Jenny Romaine, Irena Klepfisz, Jacob Plitman for a panel on the influence of the Jewish Labor Bund at the YIVO Institute for Jewish Research. You may remember Molly’s article on the history of the Labor Bund movement and her great-granfather’s involvement with the Jewish socialist response to zionism in NYR Daily last October. This panel will further that discussion by examining how the Bundist ideals are relevant to culture today.

Get your tickets here

American Conservation Film Festival, Molly on The Antifada podcast

A Message From the Future with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez” will be screening at this years American Conservation Film Festival in Shepherdstown, West Virginia on October 4th. The short will be shown along with over 35 other films on topics like climate change, conservation, agriculture and more. Check out their website to get your tickets.

Today Molly was on The Antifada podcast today to discuss anti-fascism, Puerto Rico, and her recent arrest while protesting ICE.

Listen HERE

Molly arrested protesting ICE, “How to Be an Antiracist” discussion this Thursday

Photos by Geli Getz

Molly was one of several dozen protestors arrested Sunday at an Amazon flagship store in New York City. As part of a nationwide protest organized by Jewish groups like Never Again Action, Jews for Racial and Economic Justice, local synagogues and more, demonstrators staged a sit-in protestoring Amazon’s technological aid of ICE operations. All were released shortly after midnight, and some were given Roshohanah as their first court date.

This thursday, August 15th, Molly will be joining best selling author Ibram X. Kendi for a discussion about his new book; How to Be an Antiracist. The event begins at 8pm at Judson Memorial Church at Washington Square Park. Tickets are available here.

CRIMINALIZING COMPASSION The Unraveling of the Conspiracy Case Against No More Deaths Volunteer Scott Warren

Molly’s illustrations were featured in The Intercept’s latest article by Ryan Devereaux. A deep dive into the trial of No More Deaths member Scott Warren, who was arrested for providing water and shelter to migrants in the desert of Arizona.

“While I do not know what the government has hoped to accomplish here,” Warren said, “I do know what the effect of all this has been and will continue to be: a raising of public consciousness, a greater awareness of the humanitarian crisis in the borderlands, more volunteers who want to stand in solidarity with migrants, local residents stiffened in their resistance to border walls and the militarization of our communities, and a flood of water into the desert at a time when it is most needed.”

Follow the link to read more…

‘A People’s Cry of Indignation’: A Dispatch from Puerto Rico by Molly Crabapple

Molly’s illustrated coverage of the recent protests in Puerto Rico is up on NYR Daily.

“The protesters had done more than boot Rosselló from office. They wanted the head of every politician that had cheated and mocked the island, whether or not they had taken part in the recently leaked texts and chat messages between the governor and senior officials. “Clean the house,” the slogan went, and by the day, protesters improvised new chants savaging each potential Rosselló heir apparent.

The whole activist constellation was out: queers and socialists, environmentalists and independentistas, all the people who had marched alongside one another for so long that, up until this summer, protests felt more like family reunions. There were drag queens. There were members of the teachers’ union, whose retirees were seeing their pensions cut. There were organizers against toxic ash dumps. There were feminist activists with tape over their mouths holding hands. And there were flags: the once-banned Puerto Rican flag, now ubiquitous.

Read more about it on NYR Daily

Some of Molly’s favorite art supplies

A few of you have asked what kind of art supplies Molly uses, so we wanted to give you a peek at what’s on her drafting table right now.

Right now Molly has been using Ecoline inks for a lot her illustrations, and as an ambassador for Ecolines parent company Royal Talens, she’s gotten to test quite a few of their products before deciding that these are the absolute best.

When it comes to acrylic paint Molly prefers Amsterdam for their opacity and flow, and their ability to stay vibrant on paper as well as canvas.

You’ll see a lot of Ecolines liquid watercolor brush pens in Molly’s court illustrations. They’re not waterproof until they’re dry, giving her lots of time to play with the image before the ink is set.

And no Molly Crabapple illustration would be the same without buckets and buckets of Talens black waterproof drawing ink. It’s in most of her work, and all over her drafting table. It’s such a lusciously opaque high-quality ink, it’s easy to get so lost in a drawing that you don’t even notice you’ve anointed your face, hands, and desk with it. But it’s worth it.

Molly draws the Golden Dawn trials in Greece

The neo-nazi group Golden Dawn has been linked to dozens of racist attacks in Greece. This month, Molly went to Athens to illustrate some of the ongoing trials of their members.

“We had an SS flag.. I dont know who put this flag in our offices”

Molly is one of several artists illustrating the trials, which are slated to continue until the fall. You can see her sketches now on Vice Greece

Molly illustrates Akynos’s article for ZeroSpaces, Speaking at NYPL 6/4

An new illustration of Mollys is featured in a piece written by Akynos for issue 002 of Zerospaces. Profiling sex worker activist Alexandra Cruz, the article is available free of charge.

Molly will also be appearing at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street on June 4th at 6:30 PM, to join Suketu Mehta for a conversation on his book, This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrants Manifesto. If you’d like to attend you can register with the NYPL now to reserve a spot

“Al Andalus in New York” Zine Launch

Last week at NYU’s Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near-Eastern Studies, artist in residence Molly Crabapple and her students released their zine “Al Andalus in New York”. The event featured a performance by Syrian-American rapper and poet Omar Offendum, speeches by Molly, Algerian-American film-maker and journalist Assia Boundaoui, and Columbia University professor Hisham Aidi.

“Al Andalus in New York” is the culmination of Molly’s workshop at NYU and is a reference to the eight hundred year period of Muslim rule on the Spanish peninsula, resulting in a multi-cultural series of kingdoms that was one of the most prominent economical and cultural centers of its time.

The zines were printed by Radix Media, a worker-owned union printship based out of Brooklyn, NY.