Fine Art

Annotated Muses

Annotated Muses is a 2016 show at the Postmasters Gallery in NYC. Each painting is of a person whose life she admires and whose friendship she cherishes. Once Molly has completed her depiction of the Muse, that subject returns to the studio to annotate and edit the painting – getting in the final word in their representation.


More on Annotated Muses here.

Portraits of myself and Lola Montes with things said about us by our contemporaries

For the “This is What a Sculpture Looks Like” group show of sixteen artists at Postmasters Gallery. This 5x7x4′ sculpture is cut wood, featuring a self portrait of Molly Crabapple and quotes written about her on the internet, on the reverse side features a portrait of Lola Montez and criticisms from her contemporaries.

Shell Game

Shell Game is a series of large-scale paintings about the revolutions and crisis of 2011, including the mortgage bubble, the Greek anti-austerity protests, and Occupy Wall Street. The paintings will be exhibited in April 2013.

Week in Hell

Week in Hell was an art/endurance experiment, in which Molly Crabapple locked herself in a hotel suite, covered the walls in paper, and created 270 feet of art in five days, under the watchful eyes of the internet. It was collected into the art book Week in Hell (IDW, 2012).

Works on Paper