George Hearts Maria

Art Nerd Invasion Presents: George Hearts Maria
Opening: September 1st, 2012

On September 1st, Art Nerd Invasion and Lori Zimmer present “George Hearts Maria,” a Victorian pop-up plucked out of history and taking root in Helium Cowboy’s summer group show. The parasitic gallery takes residence on the gallery floor, amidst the summer group show. Inside the appendage-gallery is a pristine Victorian sitting room, complete with a collection of eye miniatures.

“George Hearts Maria” asks contemporary artists to pay tribute to the star crossed lovers, and reinterpret the lost art historical tradition of eye miniatures, adding a modernist skew to the once romantic art movement.

Limited edition print sets of select works, inside a custom screen printed box will be available from, as well as eye miniature buttons will be given away to visitors to the gallery on opening night.

Helium Cowboy Artspace
Bäckerbreitergang 75 | 20355 Hamburg, Germany