“In New York, Protesters’ Pride Beats Police Brutality” in the NY Review of Books

“He stood there as if astride the world.”

Molly’s latest coverage of the ongoing protests and subsequent police brutality is now available on the NY Review of Books.

“In this light, the call to “Defund Police” hardly extreme—though it’s a principle that even progressive politicians like Brad Lander have shied away from committing to on camera. For decades, black radical thinkers like Angela Davis and Mariame Kaba have called for police and prisons to be abolished; the protesters have taken up their demand. At a march in the Bronx, a young woman said not to get it mixed up: there were no good cops, and the movement wanted rid of them. They come from slavecatchers and the KKK, she said.”

Currently some more of Molly’s art documenting the protests is for sale in the shop, with all proceeds going to Reclaim The Block.