“Living Within Our Means” interview series for Earth Overshoot Day 2022

Molly illustrated five pieces for Earth Overshoot Day, to accompany a series of interviews by powerful women explaining how gender equality and healing our environment are linked.

Read All Five Interviews Here

An “Overshoot Day” is the date by which, per person, a country’s natural resource consumption surpasses the earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources in the space of one year.

This series of interviews was produced by The Heinrich Boell Foundation.

“On the occasion of Earth Overshoot Day 2022, the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Washington, DC is publishing a series of short interviews with feminist change-makers committed to fighting for people and the planet. We aim to elevate their views on what needs to change in global consumption patterns and how a structural feminist transformation to a more just and sustainable world can be achieved. The interviews feature not only feminist perspectives on economic, political, environmental, and social transformations, but also highlight approaches on how to maintain individual resilience and well-being in a time where many of us feel overburdened by the breadth of global challenges.”