London + Discordia

Me and a very tiny piece of my Groucho Club mural

I recently got back from London, where me and Laurie launched Discordia, (our ebook on the Greek crisis) and I created a 50 foot mural of ink madness for The Groucho Club.

Groucho Club mural, still not all of it.

The Groucho Club mural is a mixture of Alice in Wonderland and the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. I hope to do another post of all the madness. Both above photos by Neil Williams

Discordia has been getting some brilliant press. In addition to being one of the top books on Itunes,  Wired and the London Observer all think it’s cool.  BoingBoing ran an exclusive previewg

(left to right) + Cuban cigars via the London airport. +drawing the bust of Hogarth at the National Portrait Gallery +home at the Groucho Club +paying homage to the portrait of Sir Richard Francis Burton, the original Chuck Norris

Views of the Groucho Mural.  Many days it was balanced on top a ladder till 3am, champagne in one hand, marker in the other, drawing till my eyes went dead, until the beast was done.