‘A People’s Cry of Indignation’: A Dispatch from Puerto Rico by Molly Crabapple

Molly’s illustrated coverage of the recent protests in Puerto Rico is up on NYR Daily.

“The protesters had done more than boot Rosselló from office. They wanted the head of every politician that had cheated and mocked the island, whether or not they had taken part in the recently leaked texts and chat messages between the governor and senior officials. “Clean the house,” the slogan went, and by the day, protesters improvised new chants savaging each potential Rosselló heir apparent.

The whole activist constellation was out: queers and socialists, environmentalists and independentistas, all the people who had marched alongside one another for so long that, up until this summer, protests felt more like family reunions. There were drag queens. There were members of the teachers’ union, whose retirees were seeing their pensions cut. There were organizers against toxic ash dumps. There were feminist activists with tape over their mouths holding hands. And there were flags: the once-banned Puerto Rican flag, now ubiquitous.

Read more about it on NYR Daily

Some of Molly’s favorite art supplies

A few of you have asked what kind of art supplies Molly uses, so we wanted to give you a peek at what’s on her drafting table right now.

Right now Molly has been using Ecoline inks for a lot her illustrations, and as an ambassador for Ecolines parent company Royal Talens, she’s gotten to test quite a few of their products before deciding that these are the absolute best.

When it comes to acrylic paint Molly prefers Amsterdam for their opacity and flow, and their ability to stay vibrant on paper as well as canvas.

You’ll see a lot of Ecolines liquid watercolor brush pens in Molly’s court illustrations. They’re not waterproof until they’re dry, giving her lots of time to play with the image before the ink is set.

And no Molly Crabapple illustration would be the same without buckets and buckets of Talens black waterproof drawing ink. It’s in most of her work, and all over her drafting table. It’s such a lusciously opaque high-quality ink, it’s easy to get so lost in a drawing that you don’t even notice you’ve anointed your face, hands, and desk with it. But it’s worth it.

Molly draws the Golden Dawn trials in Greece

The neo-nazi group Golden Dawn has been linked to dozens of racist attacks in Greece. This month, Molly went to Athens to illustrate some of the ongoing trials of their members.

“We had an SS flag.. I dont know who put this flag in our offices”

Molly is one of several artists illustrating the trials, which are slated to continue until the fall. You can see her sketches now on Vice Greece

Molly illustrates Akynos’s article for ZeroSpaces, Speaking at NYPL 6/4

An new illustration of Mollys is featured in a piece written by Akynos for issue 002 of Zerospaces. Profiling sex worker activist Alexandra Cruz, the article is available free of charge.

Molly will also be appearing at the New York Public Library on 42nd Street on June 4th at 6:30 PM, to join Suketu Mehta for a conversation on his book, This Land Is Our Land: An Immigrants Manifesto. If you’d like to attend you can register with the NYPL now to reserve a spot

“Al Andalus in New York” Zine Launch

Last week at NYU’s Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near-Eastern Studies, artist in residence Molly Crabapple and her students released their zine “Al Andalus in New York”. The event featured a performance by Syrian-American rapper and poet Omar Offendum, speeches by Molly, Algerian-American film-maker and journalist Assia Boundaoui, and Columbia University professor Hisham Aidi.

“Al Andalus in New York” is the culmination of Molly’s workshop at NYU and is a reference to the eight hundred year period of Muslim rule on the Spanish peninsula, resulting in a multi-cultural series of kingdoms that was one of the most prominent economical and cultural centers of its time.

The zines were printed by Radix Media, a worker-owned union printship based out of Brooklyn, NY.

A review of “Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers’ Rights”

Protesters at a rally for the decriminalization of sex work, New York City, February 2019; drawing by Molly Crabapple

Molly’s latest book review for “Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers’ Rights” by Juno Mac and Molly Smith is out now in the New York Review of Books. The book is an in depth look at the discussion around sex workers rights, trafficking, and feminism from a global perspective. It is available now from Verso Books.

“Mac and Smith delineate the problems of sex workers in all their prosaic complexity. “A sex worker may describe a bad experience as a labour-rights violation, sexual abuse, or simply a shitty day at work,” they write. Against the stereotypical Happy Hooker, they talk about the “unhappy hooker,” forced, like so many other workers, to do work she loathes in order to earn enough money to survive, and “who reminds us that capitalism cannot be magicked away” by a jail cell or a self-help book for aspiring Girlbosses—and that capitalism reigns most brutally in criminalized markets. Precisely because the safety net is weakest for marginalized people, they are more likely to become sex workers”

Take a look at Molly’s review, “Its Not About Sex”

Molly Smith and Juno Mac

May 9th Zine Launch Party & Performance

On Thursday May 9th at 6PM there will be a launch party for Al Andalus in New York, a zine produced by Molly Crabapple and students at NYUs Kevorkian Center. The event is free and open to the public and will feature panel discussions, readings, performances and more.

255 Sullivan St, New York City

Life at the Fenceline – Rashida Jones + Molly Crabapple

There are over 12,000 high-risk chemical facilities in America — and roughly 40% of U.S. residents live within three miles of them. The Natural Resources Defense Council teamed up with Rashida Jones, Molly Crabapple and https://comingcleaninc.org/ to tell the stories of these vulnerable communities — disproportionately black and Latino — that live every day with the threat of chemical leaks, spills, and explosions that threaten families’ health, their livelihoods, and ultimately, their lives. Learn more: https://on.nrdc.org/2Via8ZA

The Intercept’s 5 Year Anniversary, and Syria In Ink at Haverford College

On April 16th Molly will be a special guest the The Intercept’s five year anniversary event at 8pm at The Bell House in Brooklyn. Celebrating five years of “fearless, adversarial journalism”, Molly will be joining several regular contributors to The Intercept for an evening of story telling and discussions about journalism.

Also this month, Syria In Ink will be on display at Haverford college until April 26th. This show features much of the original artwork from Brothers of The Gun, and is curated by Cora Fisher of the Brooklyn Public Library.

Photos courtesy of Lisa Boughter

Monument Lab said “Syria in Ink brings together literature in the form of memoir and visual art in the form of ink drawings. It invites viewers to experience the words and images of a young Syrian coming of age during the turbulent last decade.”

New Interview in ArtNews

Molly has a fantastic new interview up on ArtNews talking about her career, the role political art, and the importance of artists producing their own work.

“I don’t believe that you are a real artist if you have assistants paint or sculpt all your work for you. I’m not talking running a studio like Rembrandt, where he did the hard parts and assistants painted the clouds. I’m talking about the way that someone like Mark Kostabi hires broke art-school grads to paint his work for him. If you do that, at best you’re an art director, but more likely you’re just an exploitive CEO. Many fine artists have disagreed with me and said I was a retrograde regressive reactionary, and the real art is in the idea. I don’t buy it. If art is just the idea, you’re saying labor, craft, and work with your hands is contemptible and beneath an artist. No, you have to do your art yourself. With your own hands.”

Free Mini-Print for all of April!

From April 1st to May 1st, if you buy any print from the shop that includes a charity donation you’ll receive this free 8.5×11 May Day mini-print. The shop currently has prints for sale that benefit Chelsea Manning’s legal defense, charities in Puerto Rico, PEN America and several other amazing causes. Make your order anytime before or on May 1st and your free mini-print will be automatically included!

Syria in Ink, March 22–April 26

Molly Crabapple & Marwan Hisham: Syria in Ink
March 22–April 26, 2019

Molly Crabapple & Marwan Hisham: Syria in Ink presents vivid images and words of the Syrian conflict and the country’s partial occupation by ISIS, and the besieged consciousness of a young Syrian man finding his voice as a writer. The exhibition includes over fifty original drawings by artist Molly Crabapple and the voice of author and journalist Marwan Hisham. With pen and brush, together they capture Syria from before its precipitous fall to its current state of crisis and mass displacement.

Molly Crabapple and Marwan Hisham: Syria in Ink is curated by Cora Fisher and organized by the Arts & Culture division of the Brooklyn Public Library, BPL Presents. Support for its presentation at Haverford is provided by the John B. Hurford ’60 Center for the Arts and Humanities.

More information at exhibits.haverford.edu/syriainink.

Artist Talk and Opening Reception
Friday, March 22
4:30–7:30 p.m.

Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery
Whitehead Campus Center
Haverford College
370 Lancaster Avenue
Haverford, PA 19041
(610) 896-1287


‘Whores But Organized’: Sex Workers Rally for Reform

Molly’s latest article for the New York Review of Books, ‘Whores But Organized’: Sex Workers Rally for Reform, is now online. Covering the February 25th rally organized by Decrim NY, Molly reported on and illustrated the sex workers and public officials that showed up to support the decriminalization of sex work.

“I have seen sex workers all of my life,” Jessica Ramos declared. “I have seen them denigrated by neighbors. The answer is always, call the police to fix this. Police do not fix anything.” 

If we are going to combat harm done to the sex worker community, we have to fully decriminalize,” she said, “so we’re creating a space where sex workers can get healthcare, or cooperate with attorneys’ offices to hold those who harm them accountable.”- Queens District Attorney candidate Tiffany Cabán 

Read the full article here

New print in support of Chelsea Manning



Limited edition prints of Molly’s painting of Chelsea Manning are now available in the shop!

This painting is a collaboration between Molly and Chelsea, and 100$ from each sale will go directly toward Chelsea’s legal defense fund.

Get yours now from https://mollycrabapple.com/shop/ or donate here https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/chelsea-manning-needs-legal-funds-to-resist-a-grand-jury-subpoena?source=direct_link&

Mollys recent trip to India

Last month Molly had the honor of speaking at the ZEE Jaipur Literary Festival in India.  She spoke at both The Travel Panel with Carlo Pizzati, Eliza Griswold, Isabella Tree and Ramita Navai, and at speaking event on Brothers of The Gun with William Sieghart.

She also stopped in to The Bookshop, at Jor Bagh Market in Dehli for a quick for a quick talk and exhibition of her artwork.

Illustrations from Mollys previous trip to India are available now at the store, and if you’re in New York be sure to stop into the Muneca Arthouse in Patchogue to see Mollys original protest art, on display now!

Molly speaking tonight at The New School

Tonight, Monday February 11th at 6:30, Molly will be accompanying Deborah Brown, Julia Farrington, Shawné Michaelain Holloway, and Nancy Schwartzman for a panel entitled “Pervasive and Personal: Observations on Free Speech Online” at Theresa Lang Community Center at The New School. Admission is free, but you will need to register online beforehand. Click here for more info and registration details!

“Technology has linked much of the world together, but in its complexity and ubiquity, technology also has deeply personal qualities. It has helped us build relationships and has become a part of our daily lives, something we carry in our pockets wherever we go. This duality of tech and particularly the Internet—its ability to be vast yet intimate—has enabled people to express themselves in unique ways, but also brought with it some serious challenges. Where open channels into each other’s lives exist, the spread of harassment, abuse and vitriol can be equally pervasive and personal.”