Contortionist *ALMOST SOLD OUT*


This is a signed limited edition of 25 giclee print of Contortionist, a featured image from Molly Crabapple’s memoir, Drawing Blood.
Print is 17″ x 22″ on Canson Fine Art Paper.

From the book:

Just as Toulouse-Lautrec drew his can can girls as warriors, I recognized something in these women that casual observers seldom did: Burlesque girls were alchemists. They were steel-tough performers who are willing to use kitchens as dressing rooms, haul their costume bags through the snow, and go into debt over fake diamonds, all for the five minutes onstage that they’re goddesses.

Drawing Blood is in stores now. You can order it through any major retailer (indiebound, barnes and nobles, amazon) or at your local bookstore.

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