This is a signed limited edition of 25 giclee print of Marrakesh, a featured image from Molly Crabapple’s memoir, Drawing Blood.
Print is 17″ x 22″ on Canson Fine Art Paper.

From the book:

The Square of the Dead is at the center of Marrakesh’s old city. The storytellers and dancers in the square took the tourists’ Orientalist fantasies and re-purposed them as a machine for the extraction of foreign cash.
Scowling young guys donned fezzes and held monkeys. If a tourist wandered too close, the monkey jumped on him, clinging until his victim paid a ransom. Dentists tended to teeth as entertainment. Berber acrobats piled high atop each other’s shoulders, hoping to be noticed by talent scouts for circuses. Women painted palms with henna, squeezing miraculous curlicues from pastry tubes. The henna looked like Cheetos dust on white
girls, but on brown ones it resembled dried rose petals.

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