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Syntagma Athena, from the series Shell Game, is inspired by the “Greek anti-austerity protests. All graffiti is real, translated from my trip to Athens. The protester dogs are Loukanikos, Greek’s famous riot dog. The main figure has Maalox, a DIY teargas remedy, over her eyes,” -Molly Crabapple, Wired

Shell Game is comprised of nine, 6’x4′ paintings and one 3’x3’ painting about the revolutions and crises of 2011 including the mortgage bubble, the Greek anti-austerity protests, and Occupy Wall Street, filtered them through the artist’s distinctive lens of surrealism, satire, and symbolic animals and, for eight of nine paintings, informed by travel to the settings, including Spain, Greece, and the United Kingdom, during which she interviewed activists for her reported illustrated journalism pieces and participated in demonstrations.”

Giclee 17″ x 22″ print with archival ink on Canson Fine Art acid-free paper. This is a limited edition run of 25, signed and numbered.

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