The Woman in the Panama Hat


“The woman in the panama hat suddenly stands up and curtsies, as once upon a time in that celestial masked ball. Her face grows dark, changes color like paper as it burns. On the brim of her panama hat, the strawberries are bleeding.”

– Avram Suzkever from his collection “Green Aquarium”

Suzkever was a poet from Vilna who escaped the ghetto and fought as a partisan. His poems made their way to Soviet Russia, where their genius so impressed members of the government that they sent a plane behind Nazi lines to rescue him. “Woman in the Panama Hat” is one of Suzkever’s many works set in the Vilna ghetto. Sutzkever said his Vilna, his murdered Jewish city, was preserved in the in his poetry as if beneath the waters of an aquarium.

Limited edition of 25 prints.

Giclee print, 17 x 22″. Archival ink on acid free paper.

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