The Chelsea Hotel


This is a signed limited edition of 25 giclee print of The Chelsea Hotel, a featured image from Molly Crabapple's memoir,  Drawing Blood.
Print is 17″ x 22″ on Canson Fine Art Paper.

From the book:
My photographer friend Brian had a room on the second floor of the Chelsea Hotel. His wife, Melli, did makeup for Vogue, but Brian mostly shot internet models. We'd writhe around in the checkerboard fantasia of the place while wearing pairs of heels from his own, improbable collection. The Chelsea Hotel was legend: the place where Sid stabbed Nancy, where Patti Smith lived and Burroughs shot heroin, where Janis Joplin once gave Leonard Cohen head on an unmade bed while limousines waited on the street. 

Drawing Blood is in stores now. You can order it through any major retailer (indiebound, barnes and nobles, amazon) or at your local bookstore.

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