Sixty Six Project

“Portraits of Sixty Six Friends Who Awe Me”

In mid June, I threw a party to celebrate the death of my social life that would result from having to draw a graphic novel. The next morning, picking through the wreckage, I started feeling really lucky to know my guests. Here was this group of extraordinary people: writers and artists and porn stars and firebrand journalists and rockstars. I thought that maybe I should draw them.

Here’s my capsule of some people I adore, who awe me. Check out their work. They’ll probably awe you too.


Laurie Penny
Kim Boekbinder
Laurenn McCubbin
Zoetica Ebb
Susannah Breslin
Katelan Foisy
Yao Xiao
Warren Ellis
Buck Angel
Fred Harper
Gala Darling
Clayton Cubitt
Meredith Yayanos
John Leavitt
Cynthia von Buhler
Neil Gaiman
Melissa Dowell
Frank Miller
Bre Pettis
Jen Dziura
Amber Ray
Colleen Doran
Jim Batt
Shien Lee
Douglas Rushkoff
Margaret Cho
Lauren Goldberg
Travis Louie
Michael Malice
Megan Carpentier
Latoya Peterson
Jo Wheldon
Jiz Lee
Star St. Germain
Ducky Doolittle
Tracy Quan
Annie Nocenti
Ana Finel Honigman
Shahriar Shadab
Sorrel Mocchia Di Coggiola
Sxip Shirey
Samantha Levin
Steve Prue
Lily Burana
Scott Beale
Jeff Newelt



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