Some of Molly’s favorite art supplies

A few of you have asked what kind of art supplies Molly uses, so we wanted to give you a peek at what’s on her drafting table right now.

Right now Molly has been using Ecoline inks for a lot her illustrations, and as an ambassador for Ecolines parent company Royal Talens, she’s gotten to test quite a few of their products before deciding that these are the absolute best.

When it comes to acrylic paint Molly prefers Amsterdam for their opacity and flow, and their ability to stay vibrant on paper as well as canvas.

You’ll see a lot of Ecolines liquid watercolor brush pens in Molly’s court illustrations. They’re not waterproof until they’re dry, giving her lots of time to play with the image before the ink is set.

And no Molly Crabapple illustration would be the same without buckets and buckets of Talens black waterproof drawing ink. It’s in most of her work, and all over her drafting table. It’s such a lusciously opaque high-quality ink, it’s easy to get so lost in a drawing that you don’t even notice you’ve anointed your face, hands, and desk with it. But it’s worth it.