SXSW Plans

This is my third year at SXSW. The ipad-infested dorkfest of barbecue and joy takes over Austin every March, and this year, I’m happy to be super involved.

Here’s where to find me:

* Social Media Is Science Fiction
Sunday 13th March 9:30am to 10:30am
Place TX Ballroom 1, 2nd floor (floor plan), Hyatt Regency Austin
Speakers Annalee Newitz, Charlie Jane Anders, Matt Thompson, Maureen McHugh, Molly Crabapple

What do science fiction stories tell us about how social networking and user-generated content will evolve? How it will affect us as a civilization? Futurists and SF writers will explore real possibilities for the next fifty years of social media – and debunk bad futurism that predicts either total abundance or complete apocalypse.

* Dr. Sketchy’s Takes SXSW
Sunday, March 13 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Swan Dive
615 Red River Street
Austin, TX

On March 13th, the Austin branch is proud to welcome the founder of Dr. Sketchy’s, Molly Crabapple, to Texas. To celebrate, Dr. Sketchy’s Austin is hosting a very special drawing session which venerates one of Crabapple’s most powerful illustrations, the Reverse Mermaid. The Reverse Mermaid is a curious creature, oddly beautiful with a fish’s head and shapely human legs.

Burlesque performers Crimson Skye (London) and Sass E Delure (Seattle) will model costume sculptures created by artist Aaron Flynn (Austin). Flynn will be creating two costumes for the event, one for the Mermaid and one for the Reverse Mermaid. Artists at the session will have a rare chance to sketch models wearing unique sculptures at the fabulous Swan Dive venue in Austin.

Tickets are $10


other great panels to check out? Offline America, Why We Have A Digital Divide (Jessamyn West), The End of Shame (Cindy Gallop, Melissa Gira Grant), Keynote: Christopher “Moot” Poole, Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted-Not! (Richard Nash)