This Week…

Last Monday, I was arrested  for walking on the sidewalk during an Occupy Wall Street protest. Thanks to friends like Mona Eltahawy, Laurie Penny, Neil Gaiman, Stoya, and Warren Ellis, the #freemollycrabapple tag blew up the intrawebs.  It was a nice thing to see after 11 miserable, though solidarity filled hours in a holding cell.

+Here’s my account of my arrest on CNN
+Al Jazeera picked it up for the Stream

Since I’ve been out and written the CNN piece, I’ve been locked inside, working on my next giant Shell Game painting, Syntagma Athena.  She’ll be done before I leave for London on Sunday.  Isn’t she pretty?


Lastly, Discordia, my and Laurie Penny’s illustrated ebook on Greece during the eurozone crisis, drops October 1st. We’ll be doing a google hangout with Random House and eight of hour favorite bloggers on October 2nd.