We’re voracious readers (Molly is a book hoarder extraordinaire) and with that comes the need to find good places to read. We all have our favorites: Molly’s seems to be being curled up like a cat in the corner of her couch, the light from her large dusty windows illuminating the pages.

Where are you going to read your copy of Drawing Blood? In your favorite chair? At a coffee shop? On a bench overlooking the Seine? (If the last: we’re completely green with envy)

We’re holding a contest: anytime this week tell us on twitter where you plan on reading Drawing Blood (bonus points for photos) and hashtag your tweet #ReadingDrawingBlood. We’ll go through and pick our favorites and send one lucky winner a limited edition, signed and numbered giclee print from the book.

Can’t wait to see your replies!

*photo courtesy of Tash Lennard (featured in the book)